Using Hubspot with WIX

A guide to implementing Hubspot features on WIX hosted websites.

Hubspot -One of the most widely used sales CRM platforms on the planet.

WIX – One of the most widely used website hosting platforms.

Together they should be a great combination for a growing business, but as many have found the WIX platform has some restrictions on running third party Javascript scripts from external sites, but it’s not all bad news. Recent changes to the WIX platform means you can get most features of Hubspot to work – you need to know where to put things and the limitations.

The biggest issue is trying to embed the scripts into your site at the wrong level. As WIX uses a series of nested iFrames to display pages, putting an embedded Hubspot form into an iFrame on your page will not be able to communicate with the Hubspot servers or query the tracking code on your page.

So what can you do?

First of all, you’ll need to implement the Hubspot Tracking Code at the website level. You’ll get the script from your Hubspot portal under “Settings > Reports & Analytics Tracking” and will look like this:-

<!– Start of HubSpot Embed Code –>

<script type=”text/javascript” id=”hs-script-loader” async defer src=”//<your-unique-hubspot-identity>.js”></script>

<!– End of HubSpot Embed Code –>

This needs to be installed into WIX using the “Tracking & Analytics” found under Site Settings. It should be applied on all pages before the /BODY tag, as shown below:-

This code serves three purposes:

· provide tracking information back to HubSpot on your site visitors

· provide website form scavenging (Hubspot Collected Forms)

· provide the Hubspot Bot function

As you can see, I can now view information on visitors to our trial website:

Now the final part of the puzzle and the most problematic, Hubspot Embedded Forms. Due to the limitations of the WIX platform the only way you can use these is via WIX’s Embedded Website option. Not ideal for many reasons, but it’s all you can do frankly.

Create your form in Hubspot, and choose the shared link option rather than the embedded code option. In your WIX page, find where you think it would look best and using the Embedded Website option insert the shared form link.

From experience I’ve found using Hubspot’s Collected Forms feature works well with WIXs inbuilt form functions – but just remember and enable it in Hubspot!

If you simply must use Hubspot forms then my advice is to create a purpose built landing page for these so there isn’t too much going on from a page design point of view, given you have to embed an external page into a iFrame… unless your form is very short, say less than three fields.

And that’s it!  Job done.

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