Sketchy Sound with Skype?

Have you considered changing from your traditional phone system to Microsoft’s Skype based Cloud PBX, but put off by poor sound quality? You are not alone. For many this is the single biggest complaint when trialling Skype PSTN offerings.

Recently we had a client approach us with this very issue, and surprisingly it wasn’t a Skype issue at all! So what was the issue? In a word, Bluetooth. While Bluetooth headsets have become popular in the workplace or at home, when used under Windows 10 with Skype, an annoying range of audio complaints become apparent. Sounding like a Dalek, no audio and low volume being the most commonly reported problems.

So what causes this to happen? Well under Windows 10, as part of the Creators Update (1809) it appears Microsoft decided to introduce a new version of the Bluetooth stack in order to ‘improve’ the user experience when using Bluetooth devices that supported multiple audio profiles on the same device. However the update inadvertently cause an issue where Bluetooth headsets stopped receiving audio input after several minutes of listening.

Is there a fix? Apparently so! Microsoft have reported this is to be addressed in a future update to Windows 10, but in our experience the best way to avoid this is by using a DECT based headset where possible, or USB connected conference speaker solutions.

On testing a DECT headset (Plantronics) with our customer instead of their Bluetooth headsets (Jabra) the problems disappeared instantly, along with their reluctance to make the transition to a fully cloud based PBX.

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