Sketchy Sound with Skype?

Have you considered changing from your traditional phone system to Microsoft’s Skype based Cloud PBX, but put off by poor sound quality? You are not alone. For many this is the single biggest complaint when trialling Skype PSTN offerings. Recently we had a client approach us with this very issue, and surprisingly it wasn’t a […]

Using Hubspot with WIX

A guide to implementing Hubspot features on WIX hosted websites. Hubspot -One of the most widely used sales CRM platforms on the planet. WIX – One of the most widely used website hosting platforms. Together they should be a great combination for a growing business, but as many have found the WIX platform has some […]

The Hidden Cost of Data Storage

Data. Everyone has it. On shared network drives, Sharepoint sites and in email attachments. We take it for granted. But at what cost? Most organisations don’t really pay much attention to their data usage patterns until drive mappings start showing up with red bars in Windows Explorer, where users and systems start complaining of the […]